Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford joins Hockey Hall of Fame board of directors, yes that Rob Ford

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford is now part of  the Hockey Hall of Fame with its board of directors. This is not a typo.

Fortunately Ford, who bears a strange resemblance to Chris Farley and has admitted to smoking crack, will not be allowed to vote in members. If that was the case … oh what a disaster.

The Hall of Fame immediately went on the defensive in regards to Ford, quickly noting that the city of Toronto decides and elects who joins certain members the board. And that “Under HHOF's Articles of Incorporation, the City has the right to nominate and elect up to 3 individuals to the eighteen member Board,” per Hockey Hall spokeswoman Kelly Masse.

So some people from the city of Toronto thought it would be a good idea to nominate and elect Rob Ford to this title. Does he have naked pictures of said nominators? Ford tries to explain his love of all things hockey below. 

"When people call me they know they're getting someone that's experienced," he said. "I've got season tickets to the Leafs and I'm obsessed with hockey and obviously football but hockey's my number one sport and I'm going to try to just keep pushing it."

Ford said he had already had his first meeting with the board and is in the process of being sworn in along with his fellow councillors.

"Some people like the prestige of it, I like the action. I like rolling up my sleeves and showing up to meetings and getting it done," he said. "What I don't like is when people sign up and want to go to these boards and commissions and they don't show up."

Remember the last time Ford rolled up his sleeves and tried to get stuff done.

That’s one of many, many, many Rob Ford moments online we can choose from and mock.

Regardless of whether this is a ceremonial spot or not, it’s a PR nightmare for the Hall. Unless it has the idea that all publicity is good publicity.

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