Flyers’ Zac Rinaldo KOs B.J. Crombeen, keeps punching; did he violate the code? (FIGHT VIDEO)

Less than 7 minutes into the first period of the Tampa Bay Lightning's visit to Philadelphia, Zac Rinaldo bumped into B.J. Crombeen. That was more than enough cause for the two middleweights to drop the gloves. Drop they did.

The next thing to drop was Crombeen, as Rinaldo skated away with one of the most decisive victories we've seen early in the 2013 NHL season.

If you're watching for the moment this fight is over, it's when Rinaldo connects so completely with Crombeen's face that the Lightning pugilist's helmet explodes out of the frame.

Of course, if you're watching for the moment this fight ends, well, that's two punches later. With Crombeen down on one knee, Rinaldo lands another furious blow. With Crombeen down on both knees, Rinaldo lands another.

Those final two blows drew complaints from the Lightning. Did Rinaldo fail to respect hockey's unwritten code by continuing to wail on a guy that was already down?

I'd say so. I find most punches thrown in hockey unnecessary, but those last two were beyond the pale. Crombeen was in partial blackout mode.

But don't worry about Crombeen. Despite looking pretty gosh darn concussed, he declared himself ready to go for the second period. Thankfully, the Lightning kept him out.

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