Flyers’ Zac Rinaldo hits the daily double for NHL discipline vs. New Jersey

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It was a frustrating day for the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday against the New Jersey Devils, what with seven minor penalties in the first two periods leading to three Devils' power-play goals. Jersey eventually won, 6-4.

That frustration manifested in Zac Rinaldo's actions, as he made history under the Brendan Shanahan Department of Player Safety regime: The first player this season to be disciplined for two incidents in the same game. From the NHL:

NEW YORK (February 4, 2012) -- Philadelphia Flyers center Zac Rinaldo has been fined a total of $5,000 as a result of two separate incidents during NHL Game No. 768 against the New Jersey Devils Saturday afternoon in
Philadelphia, the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety announced today.

Rinaldo was fined $2,500, the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for his late hit on Devils center Jacob Josefson at 12:51 of the second period. Rinaldo received a minor penalty for interference.

Rinaldo also was fined the maximum $2,500 for his dangerous trip of Devils left wing Zach Parise after the whistle at 11:38 of the third period. No penalty was assessed on the play. The fine money goes to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

We know what you're saying, because we were saying the same thing: Why not just suspend the guy rather than fining him twice?

The late hit alone could be worth a game with the dunce cap on in the press box, right?

Consider this: Rinaldo is a non-repeat offender. Hence, the money he loses in a suspension is based on the number of days in the season (185) rather than games, which is the formula for repeat offenders.

Rinaldo makes a whopping $560,000 in base salary; a one-game suspension would have meant a $3,027 loss in wages.

This might actually get the message across better, under the current system. As we've debated before, perhaps the money is more important than the games.

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