Flyers playoff beards prove orange is the new dyed-black (Photo)


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are under way and that means it's beard season. Most players who participate begin clean-shaven. Then there's Radko Gudas of the Tampa Bay Lightning who had several weeks of beard on his face Wednesday night in Game 1. But the truth is he shaved that morning, that's how quickly he can grow some facial foliage.

Two members of the Philadelphia Flyers' top line are getting into the act in a unique way. Jake Voracek and Scott Hartnell head into their first round series against the New York Rangers with beards, but they've decided to dye them black.

For Voracek, he wanted to do something different than the traditional playoff beard. Linemate Scott Hartnell felt compelled to join him in dyeing their beards black because he didn't want him to be the only one.

Their teammates are pretty skeptical at the choice.


“Jake's beard … Um, I don’t know if I should comment on that," Simmonds said. "It's pretty ugly. What's bad is it’s contrasting styles. He’s got the gold/ginger locks and the black beard.

“We’ll call him Black Beard from now on, I guess. He looks like a pirate.”

A Flyers fan, via The 700 Level, brought up an interesting theory for the black dye: as the playoffs go on and Voracek's beard grows out, there will be a bit of orange mixing in with the black, matching the team's colors.

No word if their end game here is the NWO "Hollywood" Hogan look.

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