Flyers end Penguins’ miracle comeback with Jakub Voracek’s hat-trick goal (VIDEO)

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If you thought last year's playoff series between Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers was just an anomaly, well, you thought wrong. Wednesday night's Battle of Pennsylvania was yet another high-scoring, back-and-forth classic.

The hero of the hour: Jakub Voracek, whose hat-trick goal with 1:31 remaining broke the hearts of a Pittsburgh crowd that had just seen the Penguins score twice in the final ten minutes to tie the game at five and, seemingly, send us into overtime.

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But Voracek had no interest in playing more hockey. Thirty-three seconds after Brandon Sutter knotted the game up, Voracek wrapped it up, throwing a puck at the net from below the goal line, only to see it somehow find its way past Tomas Vokoun:

A crazy end to a crazy game.

Three goals in the final ten minutes (four if you include the one that was waved off for a kicking motion). Two goals in the final three, the last one a stunner in a game that had us expecting pretty much anything. And, of course, some pretty dismal goaltending. Never change, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

At least, not until after this postseason, when you can give us seven more games exactly like this.

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