Flyers’ Claude Giroux breaks commentator’s watch with accidental slash to the wrist (VIDEO)

If you're a Winnipeg Jets fan, it has to be difficult to watch the highlights from Tuesday night's 5-4 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, especially Wayne Simmonds' game-tying goal with 10 seconds remaining. How, exactly, did the Jets let him get so wide open in front of the goal? Did they forget how much time was left?

If they did, they weren't the only ones who lost the ability to keep track of time during the course of the game. Early in the first period, color man Mike Johnson lost a perfectly good watch to a Claude Giroux slash:

After Jim Slater throws a hit on the Philadelphia Flyers' center, Giroux spills over the barricade, where Johnson is standing and calling the game. As Giroux tries to regain his balance, his stick comes down hard on Johnson's wrist, snapping the band.

Johnson is incredulous afterward, but he got off lucky. His wristwatch may have been broken by the slash, but without the watch, that's just contusion-causing, stick-on-wrist action. This looks to me like a classic case of the life-saved-by-sentimental-object trope, like that episode of "The Simpsons" where Flanders keeps surviving gunshots because they hit pieces of religious paraphernalia he's wearing.

Anyway. has called this clip "Time to get a new watch," but I think the fact that it's not called "Watch out" is a real missed opportunity.

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