Florida Panthers replace broken pane of glass with one you can’t see through (Video)

The Florida Panthers struggle to fill their building, and it's not difficult to understand why. The team isn't very good. One assumes a better team would make for a better fan experience.

And here's another thing that would make for a better fan experience: less opaque glass.

Rough. Not even the plexiglass shows up for Panthers games.

For much of the third period, this thing stood between the fans in the BB&T Center's lower bowl and their view of visiting netminder Jimmy Howard. I'm with the FSN announcer -- I've never seen this before.

Now, in the arena crew's defence, that actually is a pane of glass, not plywood or cardboard. It's not as though they ran out of glass in Sunrise. The issue is that, after a wrist shot broke the first piece, the crew couldn't get the protective cover off the second piece. So what the Hell, they just left it on, because Florida's gonna Florida.

Embarrassing, especially for a team that has trouble filling its building. Turning the best seat in the house into the worst seat in the house by replacing the window with a door doesn't really seem like a good fan outreach strategy.

This fan was upset:

One assumes he wasn't the only one.

That said, speaking as an embittered Vancouver hockey fan on a waitlist to spend all the money on season tickets, considering how little you paid for yours, Jake, and the fact that it came with, like, a free jet ski, maybe you shouldn't be surprised that they're situated behind a wall.

Anyway, here's Nick Bjugstad's game-tying goal, which one assumes Jake and those around him didn't really see until it was replayed on the Jumbotron:

On the bright side, the crew was able to get the cover off in time for overtime and the shootout, just in time to see the Panthers complete the come-from-behind win.

Plus it was a Panthers home game, so there were probably some empty seats to move to.

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