Florida fans line up to march into the backside of an inflatable panther (Photo)

Good idea: an inflatable slide. They're portable, relatively safe, and fun for all ages. It's a great way to increase the fan experience outside of your arena. Let the kiddies go for a tumble!

Bad idea: crafting the inflatable slide in the shape of a living creature -- in this case, the cat from the Florida Panthers' logo -- and then having fans line up to march into its backside so they can slide out of his mouth in some sort of horrific, reverse digestion.

There's a joke to be made here about the fan experience in Florida. Although this is very true to the experience of interacting with a cat. They're quite proud of their butts.

This disturbing image comes to us via Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, who's down in Sunrise covering the Colorado Avalanche's Friday night game versus the Panthers. Did he try the butt slide? One can only hope. Either way, this is some crack journalism HA HA GET IT.

This is just an unfortunate design, although the Panthers can take some solace in knowing "the anus of an inflatable panther" is hardly the most embarrassing thing they've put their fans through this year. The opaque pane of glass from back in December retains the title there.

In any case, this slide is the cat's ass. Literally.

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Harrison Mooney

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