Our five favourite things from the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade

Back on Monday, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. You might recall.

On Friday, the club was honoured by the city of Chicago with a Cup parade and rally, as is tradition, and as you might expect, it was a lot of fun.

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These are a few of my favourite things.

5 | Look at that flippin' crowd

I can't get enough of this photo, courtesy Nina Falcone:

You know what we call a crowd that big here in Vancouver? An emergency.

Another great shot, courtesy Getty Images:

What a turnout.

4 | Patrick Kane had a lot to drink, but he kept it classy

Last time around, Kane was pretty wasted. He was pretty wasted this time too, but he managed to keep things above board.

This year's speech from the Conn Smythe trophy winner, which you can watch here, was semicoherent.

Contrast it with the video from 2010 that chronicled his hard-partying ways in 2010. He's a changed man.

3 | Duncan Keith quotes Benito Mussolini

Because that's just what you do.

"It is better to live one day as a lion than a thousand days as a lamb."

Considering the voice appeared to be a William Wallace impression, one assumes Keith thought he was quoting Braveheart. But this quote is usually attributed to Benito Mussolini.

Lucky for Keith, it's actually from a Roman proverb.

2 | Pat Quinn gets booed

That's Illinois governor Pat Quinn, not the hockey guy, who might have received a warmer reception from the crowd. Corey Crawford's speech was well-received. This guy's? Not so much.

Quinn: "We're all Hawk fans today."

Crowd: "Booooooooooooooo!"

The only cheer he gets is when he steps away from the podium.

Man. If you can't get a crowd pop at a Cup rally, you can't get one anywhere. I like that when he gets louder, the booing does too.

1 | Corey Crawford, profane champion

Corey Crawford's speech was much more well-received than Quinn's. It helped that he just backstopped the Blackhawks to the Cup, and that he was charmingly, profoundly, profanely drunk.

In a short speech, Crawford established that his boys were the champions, that they worked their nuts off, and he dropped two quality F-bombs. Watch the whole thing right here.