Finally, your chance to own hockey’s Spamboni

Photo courtesy of of Xcel Energy Center.


Photo courtesy of of Xcel Energy Center.

Spam! In Hawaii, a delicacy. To the rest of the known world, that odd mystery meat whose powers of seduction are restrained by a small, tin container. (Hence, the perfect word to describe wayward email in your inbox: Unwanted, unnecessary, but oddly compelling for its brazen imperfection.) 

Hormel is the corporation behind Spam, and was also responsible for one of its oddest promotional tie-ins back in the 1970s: The Spamboni, an ice resurfacer that was used in Minnesota minor league and high school games.

And now it can be yours for an asking price of $2,000!

From the Pioneer Press:

The Xcel Energy Center and Visit St. Paul are hoping to get $2,000 for the 42-year-old relic, which for the past decade has been relegated to clearing the ice at the Wells Fargo Winter Skate outdoor rink at the Landmark Plaza.

Hockey fans might remember the yellow-and-blue Zamboni in between periods of Minnesota Fighting Saints games during the 1970s and at high school hockey state tournaments and Minnesota Moose games.

Travis Larson, the ice operations manager at Xcel Energy Center, has another name for the 1972 HDB Zamboni (Serial No. 1566), which was the Civic Center’s original machine. “Jalopy,” Larson said, laughing.

Does it work? Yes, although it needs a little engine work; and best to use it on an outdoor rink, considering it’s not exactly up to current regulations for indoor air quality. (Spam, unhealthy? Perish the thought.)

Some of vinyl covering that advertised Spam is also missing, but we’re sure it captures the spirit of the thing.

If nothing else: Buy it, restore it and drive that bad boy to Wal-Mart where you’ll be the envy of the populace. 

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