Fight Video: Ilya Kovalchuk KOs Flyers’ Brayden Schenn with nasty right hook

Yes, you read that right. This fight video doesn't just feature Ilya Kovalchuk going toe to toe with Brayden Schenn -- it features Kovalchuk going fist to face with Schenn, dropping him with a sweet right hook.

With just under 10 minutes to go in the New Jersey Devils' 6-4 win over the Philadelphia Flyers, things got a tad chippy as Zac Rinaldo kicked Zach Parise's legs out from under him after a whistle. (Maybe he was jealous of Parise's H? I don't know.) This kicked off a fracas which eventually led to Kovalchuk and Schenn separating from the fray and dropping the gloves -- and not long later, Kovalchuk dropping Schenn:

Brayden Schenn missed nine games in December with a concussion, so I'm sure the Philadelphia coaching and management staff really appreciated this. Hey Rinaldo -- if you're gonna slewfoot a guy, maybe don't leave the ensuing fight to the guy with a recent history of brain trauma.

The KO isn't the end of the surprising news for Kovalchuk, by the way. The rare fight, only the 9th of his career, led to an even rarer feat for the Russian sniper: Kovalchuk had a goal and two assists against Philadelphia, meaning the fight gave him his first career Gordie Howe hat trick.