CHL player gets match penalty for biting opponent’s forearm (Video)

It's been awhile since we've had a good biting controversy in the NHL. The last one, as I recall, was Mikhail Grabovski's "alleged" bite of Max Pacioretty last spring.

We say "alleged" because the NHL was unable to produce incontrovertible visual evidence that Grabovski did the thing that everybody knows he did. Without proper footage of the crime, all we had was Pacioretty's super-bit hand, and that wasn't enough. It was much the same way that Alex Burrows got away with biting Patrice Bergeron back in 2011.

We'll just go ahead and assume that learning to conceal your bite from the cameras is something that players are taught when they arrival at the NHL level. Meanwhile, in the minor pro Central Hockey League, John Snowden of the St. Charles Chill bit Matt Stephenson of the Missouri Mavericks, and we have the hard evidence right here:

You'd think a Snowden would be a little more aware that he was being watched.

Snowden and Stephenson both received five minutes for fighting, and Snowden received an additional match penalty for biting Stephenson on the forearm, which seems about right, since Stephenson did not agree to be the Itchy to Snowden's Scratchy.

According to Bill Althaus, the bite mark was still visible on Stephenson's arm after the game.

On the bright side for Stephenson, the Mavericks won the game 8-0, and in so doing, clinched the Governor's Cup, which is the CHL equivalent of the Presidents' Trophy.

But if you ask me, the Mavericks actually won when they uploaded this video and tweeted it directly at me. NHL teams should start doing that.