Feast your eyes on these awesome, NHL-themed luchador masks (PHOTO)

The NHL Guardian project may have been a colossal failure, but that doesn't mean every instance of an NHL-themed mask man is a bad idea.

For instance: I can definitely get behind these awesome luchador masks, fashioned after the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs, respectively.

These bad boys come to us from reader Jon in Chicago, who discovered them in Puerto Vallarta while he was being Jon in Mexico. Apparently the area sees a lot of Canadian tourists, so they pander to puckheads by peddling weird, hockey-themed stuff like these masks.

Here's a few more:

I think I'd be a way bigger proponent of fighting if a team's enforcer had to wear one of these on the bench. Can you imagine how much more exciting it would be when Darcy Hordichuk jumps the boards if he were dressed as a luchador?

And no one would be upset when Arron Asham makes his "go to sleep" gesture if he's dressed as a luchador. That kind of showmanship is simply expected from elite show-fighters.