Fans at The Joe honor ailing legend Gordie Howe (Video)

After suffering a serious stroke in the past week, hockey legend Gordie Howe was sent a raucous 'get well soon' message from the fans in attendance at The Joe.

(Just got a little dusty in here.)

Howe transcends the lines drawn by fans of different teams for how much he's given to the game. When first learning of the stroke, the NHL as a whole rallied together to wish Mr. Hockey a speedy recovery.

Gordie is residing at his daughter's house in Lubbock, Texas. Helene Elliott of the LA Times was able to catch up with Mark Howe in Dallas and tweeted an update of his dad's status:

For a guy that played until he was 52 and has a 'stat' named after him that involves a fight, I'd bet on him, too.