Fan tracks heart rate during Rangers/Capitals Game 6 via Apple Watch (Photo)


Game 6 of the New York Rangers’ series vs. the Washington Capitals was a thriller, as the Blueshirts continued their rally and forced a Game 7.

One might call it a “heart-stopping victory.” But one hockey fan has presented evidence that it merely elevated his heart rate.

‘Marcelo002’ on Reddit published the image above, which tracked his heart rate during Sunday night’s Game 6 at Verizon Center. As he wrote:

“I exported this data from my Apple Watch's heart rate monitor. Normally it records every 10 minutes, but if you set it in workout mode, it records it every minute (you can see that in the last three minutes where there a lot more points). I just used Excel to open the xml format and created a simple scatter plot.”

Oh so THAT’S what the Apple Watch is for …

As you can see, this Rangers fan’s excitement was high after Chris Kreider’s goal in the first minute of the game, and then he was rather resigned to the fact that the Rangers were going to run away with it after Rick Nash and Dan Boyle scored in the third.

But then the Capitals rallied to make it 4-3 and the Rangers took a delay of game penalty annnnnd … well, then the Rangers won anyway.

Heart rate drops, on to Game 7.

Well, save for that odd spike at the end. We’ll just assume that was some kind of, ahem, victory celebration.

s/t Reddit