Fake Paul MacLean has his bug-eyes on you, Michel Therrien (Photo)

Oh, this is devious. From Tuesday night’s Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals in Ottawa, the eagle eyes of reader Krazy Kanuck caught the following:

In a series during which tensions ran high between Montreal Canadiens Coach Michel Therrien and Ottawa Senators Coach Paul MacLean, it appears MacLean’s evil doppelganger has taken up residence behind the Habs bench.

Fake Paul MacLean first came to prominence during a Senators home game against the Florida Panthers in January, when he freaked everyone out.

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The twin turned out to be Mike Watson, 54, who manages an auto supply store in Ottawa. His company had seats behind the Sens bench, and he finally showed up to the delight of fans who watched Paul MacLean coach while Paul “MacClone” watched.

Now, Watson’s back for the playoffs.

Someone tell Brandon Prust that this is just a carbon copy, and that a herd of bug-eyed fat walruses isn't coming to maul him ...