Facebook knows your favorite playoff team, and they've made a really cool map (Photo)

Facebook's fan map for the NHL playoffs.

Facebook knows that you like hockey. They know because you told them, clicking the "Like" button on your favorite NHL team, in an attempt to further personalize your profile, but really just helping them to advertise to you.

They knew you were going to like this map, then. Facebook knows all. Stop telling Facebook all your secrets.

Still, it's a pretty cool map. This colour-coordinated look at North America illustrates which playoff team each state and province is rooting for, based on the number of Facebook Likes.

There are some interesting takeaways:

• The San Jose Sharks are California's most Liked franchise. Anaheim and Los Angeles may have been assigned colors, but the Golden State is San Jose teal. (I guess that's really more of a persian green.) It seems strange that the state of California would be rooting predominantly for the one local team that's never won a Cup, but perhaps it's in the interest of fairness?

• Pittsburgh wins the Battle of Pennsylvania, if not in-game, than on Facebook. That's probably due mostly to Sidney Crosby's star power, which also bleeds into the Virginias (Virgina is apparently for lovers of Crosby), and the Carolinas.

• Crosby's reach also seizes central Canada, as well as the Northwest Territories. He's the only reason the country isn't completely Habs purple.

• Perhaps if the Vancouver Canucks were a playoff team, Washington would be able to get behind them. Instead they've moved on to their second love: the Detroit Red Wings, apparently.

• Detroit fans are all over the place. Besides Michigan, they've also turned states like Alaska, Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennesee. That's right: Tennessee. With the Predators out, the majority of folks in this state cheer for a former divisional rival.

• Blackhawks fans are similarly spread out. Beyond Illinois, they've infected Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas, and even Arizona, who have apparently thrown their weight behind the former Stanley Cup champions after their Coyotes fell short of the postseason.

• Don't forget about the people that love you in the Dakotas, Minnesota.

• The Colorado Avalanche own the Rocky Mountains.

All that said, this map may not be that accurate. Lots of fans may like their NHL team without "Liking" their NHL team. Which would mean Facebook's information is woefully incomplete. It could be that there's just one NHL fan in New Mexico, and he bleeds burgundy and steel blue, for instance.

s/t to Business Insider