Face-planting on concrete steps: The danger of fighting at NY Rangers game (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

For whatever reason – we’ll go ahead and wager the reason rhymes with “schmalcohol” – there was an altercation between fans at the New York Rangers’ home loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night.

Here’s the thing about fighting in the stands in the year of our lord 2013: Everyone has a camera. This isn’t to say “don’t fight”; this is to say, “Be extra careful not to face-plant on the concrete stairs if you’re a somewhat portly gentleman in an ill-fitting shirt."

Because YouTube, that’s why:

“Hit him on the belly” has to be a reference to King Hippo on “Punch Out!”, no?

Good to see some arena personnel from MSG arrive near the end of the incident. Not that it took them long enough to have a dude go rump-over-eyebrows onto the stairs or anything.

(ED NOTE: We strongly protest the use of the word “Ginger” to describe this fan, as our own Sean Leahy tells us it can be a pejorative if preceded by “Kick A …” He also wonders if the fan in the incident is in fact notorious YouTuber CopperCab, but that might be because all Gingers look alike.)

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