Exclusive preview: Corey Crawford gets physical with LA Kings on championship video

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup video is out today for digital download, and as expected it’s the kind of glorious inside look at a championship season we’ve come to expect from the NHL Studios.

Here’s an exclusive preview of the Blackhawks’ vid, featuring their series against the Los Angeles Kings, their chasing of Jonathan Quick and an infamous moment of physicality involving Corey Crawford:

Oh that Corey Crawford … such a charmer.

The Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Champions Official Video is
available now on iTunes in the U.S. and Canada and via Amazon Instant Video in the

It’s the first time the NHL has made its championship video “available exclusively via digital download,” which seems like the end of an era (and an indication of lagging DVD or Blu-Ray sales).

Then again, the transition from VHS to DVD seemed like the end of an era too, which we lamented about a second or two before we realized how much flippin’ easier using rewind was going to become.