Evgeny Kuznetsov, Capitals’ top prospect, kicked in the rear by KHL rival Anton Belov during playoff game (VIDEO)

What would the Shanaban have been for this incident on April 4, in which Avangard's Anton Belov kicks Traktor's Evgeny Kuznetsov while he's flat on the ice in a KHL playoff game?

Because in the KHL, all of this warranted only a 2-minute minor for interference. In a related story, Jeff Skinner is thinking about joining the KHL next season ...

Kuznetsov, the Washington Capitals' top offensive prospect who made his name during the World Junior Championships, was flat on his stomach after taking a high hit from Belov when the Avangard player gave him a dismissive skate to the backside.

Anton Glinkin of Traktor, who later scored a goal in the 3-1 loss on an assist from Kuznetsov, was flabbergasted (or the Russian equivalent of flabbergasted) that Belov only received two minutes, convinced that Kuznetsov was struck in the face by Belov's stick or glove: "Again, I'm surprised that Belov was only two minutes. The blow was, though the judge and said that there was touching. What you need, so he cut his face? I do not understand this."

Said Traktor coach Valery Belousov: "The episode between Belov and Kuznetsov? It is unsportsmanlike, ugly with his hand, I think that the committee will understand this, and video will be a punishment. Kicked, not kicked, an attempt was [made]."

Traktor and Avangard meet again in the Gagarin Cup semifinals on April 6.

s/t Slava Malamud.