Evgeni Malkin fights 7-year-old boy in Russian charity game, quite hilariously (Video)

Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins has four fights to his credit in his NHL career, and isn’t exactly known for his pugilism. So he decided to drop down a few weight classes at a charity game in Russia over the weekend and fight … a seven-year-old boy.

“Fight” of course being a relative term.

We have to get these staged fights out of our charity hockey games …

For the record, Malkin dropped his gloves first, even if the seven year old appeared to engage him in the fight.

No word if Sidney Crosby upped the ante by high-sticking a toddler.

The charity game, organized by llya Kovalchuk, featured all-star player associated with SKA St. Petersburg. Part of that event featured players like Malkin and Alex Radulov playing with a local hockey school team from Tver, which led to this hilarious “fight” between Malkin and the young player during the second intermission.

According to reports, the seven year old received a six-year free-agent contract from the Flyers moments after the fight …

s/t SovSport, via Chesnokov