Every team in Finland gets its own ‘NHL 14’ cover (Photos)

Being on the cover of an EA Sports video game is akin to being on a box of Wheaties for this generation of star athletes, even if the honor has been diminished somewhat by turning the NHL cover competition into a student council election.

But it could be worse: It could be that every team has multiple athletes on the cover of the games. Which is exactly what’s happening in Finland this year with ‘NHL 14’.

The 14 teams of SM-liiga (a.k.a. the Finnish Elite League) are all getting their own cover this year, as sold by Finnish retailer Anttila.com.

You can see all the covers here via Ryan Real, who hipped us to the story.

Some of the covers are captured from game action, while others feature gloriously awkward poses. (Hey, look, it’s the world’s least threatening street gang.)

We imagine fans will purchase their favorite team’s game cover, but as non-committed SM-liiga fans we’re torn. Would we buy the multiple personality disorder Hämeenlinnan Pallokerho cover or the remedial Photoshopping of the Oulun Kärpät cover? (Yes, we know: We’re mocking someone else’s ‘Shopping skills. Glass houses, throwing stones, yadda yadda.)

Again, check out the covers here. Which one is your favorite?

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