Every hockey bench-clearing brawl should have British announcers (Video)

Hockey UK

There have been more than a few line brawls featured here on Puck Daddy, of varying degrees of violence and intensity. Something that’s become clear over the years is that the announcer’s performance can turn a mundane clip into something classic. 


Via reader Anthony Russell, here’s a recent bench clearance brawl between English Premiere Ice Hockey League 2nd Tier teams the Basingstoke Bison and Peterborough Phantoms that features a delightful chap from the U.K. narrating the highlights; and after hearing it, his voice is all we ever want to hear talking about a line brawl.

“[The goalie] wants more than words, creating a nice little mel-aye…” BRILLIANT!

Alas, our proper British announcer let the images do the talking during the actual fisticuffs, no doubt leaning back in his easy chair with a spot of tea whilst he observes the two sides engaging in the Queensberry Rules. Lucky for us, he returns to speak candidly about the referee needing “his extended notebook” for all the penalties.

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We want British announcers for every line brawl, from this brawl forward. But only if they begin each fight with "'ello 'ello 'ello what's all this then?!"

One day our dream of having director Edgar Wright narrate a line brawl will come true. For now, this is close enough …