Evander Kane was scratched for dress code violation: Report

Evander Kane was scratched for dress code violation: Report

When Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice made Evander Kane a healthy scratch for their game at the Vancouver Canucks, one assumed it was some sort of disciplinary move. After all, Kane is a Vancouver native and played junior in that fine city; to not allow him to play in that overtime loss meant he did something to cheese off his coach.

According to Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press, the team rules violation was … dress code:

Kane’s transgression on Tuesday, as it turns out, was fairly was minor. He broke dress code, arriving at the rink for a midday team meeting in sweats, instead of a suit. By gametime, Kane wasn’t a player.

So that’s what we’re going with. Scratched for wearing a tracksuit to the game. OK then.

It was the second healthy scratch for Kane under Maurice, and yet another bump in the rocky road for the player and his team.

The next one could be what Lawless says is “a card to play” for Kane – if he elects to shut down and have surgery to correct a lingering injury.

From Lawless:

Kane has been playing with this injury for much of this season and could force the decision to have it repaired. If Kane or the Jets announce in the coming days he’s going under the knife, it will be evident the player and team are at odds. Surgery has been an option Kane has elected to forego to this point. He’s played with pain and been effective. Up until now, the expectation was he would conclude the season and have this ailment taken care of in the off-season.

But Kane is well within his rights to say he wants things fixed and he wants them fixed now. If that’s the news which breaks in the coming days, we’ll know Kane has lost his appetite to do all he can for king and country.

So, in summary: If Evander Kane elects to have surgery to correct an injury he’s played 37 games with this season – playing an effective third-line role despite getting his ice time cut – this will be an indication he “has lost his appetite to do all he can for king and country.”

Winnipeg, man.