Evander Kane leaves Dinamo Minsk, because he ‘could not adapt to hockey in the KHL’

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Evander Kane's heart was back home.

Dustin Byfuglien gets a lot of heat for his fitness issues (and not just because fat warms the blood!), but he's not the only member of the Winnipeg Jets to have his workout regime called into question. Evander Kane, too, was called out for being out of shape only two months ago.

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That was the word from Dinamo Minsk after Kane, the first Canadian NHLer to head overseas, only saw 11 minutes in his third game with the club. Coach Alexander Andrievsky was blunt in his explanation of the fourth-line icetime for, presumably, a first-line winger: Kane's in bad shape and not ready yet to play at the KHL level.

Apparently he never got that sorted out. After 12 games, Kane and the team have decided to part ways, according to a press release on the Dinamo Minsk website. We'll turn to CP for the translation:

Kane had one goal, no assists and was a minus-8 in his 12 games since joining the team following the start of the NHL lockout.

"Unfortunately, Evander Kane could not adapt to hockey in the KHL," athletic director Igor Matushkin said on the team's website as Kane's departure was announced.

He suggested it was a mutual decision and the team and Kane parted on good terms.

Yeah, I don't doubt they parted on good terms.

The team was happy to be rid of him and Kane can console himself with the US$31.5-million, six-year extension he signed with the Jets just hours before the lockout. You had to know there would be at least one guy phoning it in overseas, considering the money waiting for him back home.

Typical lazy, selfish, enigmatic Canadian, said the Russian media.

Meanwhile, Kane's former teammate, Tim Stapleton, who doesn't have $31 million waiting for him back in Winnipeg, will remain with the Dinamo Minsk, because he's leading the team in scoring. Stapleton has 19 points in 25 games.

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