ESPN anchor Linda Cohn suing ice rink after coin machine cuts her arm

Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn has worked at ESPN since 1992, a.k.a. when they covered the NHL. Before that, she attended SUNY-Oswego and played goalie, following a high-school career that saw her play for the boys’ team.   

In March, she had plans to strap on the pads again for a promotional event with the Hartford Wolf Pack, the New York Rangers’ AHL affiliate. As she was about to take the ice at Brewster Arena, Cohn says that a group of children knocked a large coin-change machine on her, slicing her arm to the tune of 25 stitches.

The team called it a “freak accident.”  

Cohn believes the arena and its owners were negligent, and filed suit against them in July.

From the NY Post:

Cohn, of Southbury, Conn., claims in her suit to still be suffering great pain and being limited in daily activities because of the incident, and blames the Brewster arena’s management for not preventing it. She is on active duty for ESPN. The suit, quietly filed in July, doesn’t mention that she works for the network, nor does it provide much detail about what happened. 

From the NY Daily News, a little more context:

But her suit, which was filed last month, says she "continues to endure great pain and suffering," and "continues to be unable to engage in and attend to all daily activities, pursuits and pleasure associated with (her)person and station in life." It seeks unspecified money damages.

The appearance in March was going to be a guest stint as a practice goalie, followed by an appearance on the team’s radio coverage that night.

As she told the Wolf Pack’s website: "Can't wait to get back in net, kick out some pucks and show off my lightning fast glove hand,” said Cohn. “At least that's how it's going to go in my mind. My body might have another plan."

So did a bunch of obnoxious kids in the rink arcade, apparently.

The negligence lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court. If Cohn’s claims are true, this is truly the worst moment in change at a hockey rink to not involve Sergei Kostitsyn.


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