Erik Karlsson’s shoes could kill a man (Photo)


TORONTO – During the NHL Players Media Tour this week, we saw many players wearing many things, from Dion Phaneuf’s impeccable blue suit to guys just rolling in wearing a golf polo.

Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators was in the former category, dressed sharply and wearing shoes that could probably kill a man.

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He said these spiked loafers were acquired for him by his girlfriend in Las Vegas, and as far as we can tell they’re Christian Louboutins. Which means they cost slightly more than the beat-up black Sketchers that I wear with a suit, because that’s how me and Gary Bettman roll.

Color us impressed with this fashion choice, as Karlsson wears what we imagine a medieval executioner would wear as slippers.

But we’re most impressed to see that Erik Karlsson has finally wised up: If Matt Cooke could be lurking around any corner with knives on his feet, you best have some spiked toes as a countermeasure.