Erik Johnson interrupts interview to pet Ryan Wilson with his stick (Video)

Patrick Roy wants his blueliners to jump into the play. This is the message Ryan Wilson was trying to get across in an interview from the bench Friday night in Colorado.

But why tell the viewing audience, Erik Johnson must have wondered, when you can show them? As Wilson attempted to explain how important it was for the Avalanche defensemen to get involved, Johnson did just that, derailing the interview briefly so he could pet Wilson's face with his hockey stick.

Ah, what's a little light petting between teammates? Take note, Joe Thornton: this is the only appropriate way to stroke anything during a live hockey telecast.

Frankly, I'm impressed Wilson was able to maintain his focus for as long as he did. You try doing an interview with a buddy waving his stick in your face.

Even sitting at the bench, the Avalanche look like a winning hockey team (and they won again Friday, doubling up the Carolina Hurricanes, 4-2). These guys are clearly having a ton of fun right now.