Emmanuel Lewis a.k.a. TV’s Webster meets Stanley Cup during Jordan Nolan’s day (PHOTO)

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Excuse me, Gary Coleman. Emmanuel Lewis just saw your "Meet towel-sporting Mark Messier in a locker room postgame" and raised you times 10. (Ed. Note: Yes, we know Arnold died.)

This is the star of the 1980s sitcom "Webster" in Garden River, Ont. at the First Nation community celebration of Jordan Nolan's day with the Stanley Cup. That's Lewis with Nolan and Canada's own Trailer Park Boys over the weekend.

In an interview in March, the former child-actor said that up until he attended a junior B hockey game five months ago, he had never watched a game before. He had met Wayne Gretzky while living in Los Angeles, but never saw him play. After taking in that junior B game, however, he was hooked.

From the Brantford Expositor:

"I loved it. It was so fast and there were so many great players and they interchange so quickly. The goalies are awesome.

"One guy fell on his butt and he was sliding and was still able to pass the puck.

"I've had season's tickets to football, basketball, baseball. This was my first (hockey) game, it was very exciting, very quick. It was really cool."

According to an interview in January with the Brant News, Lewis was living near Brantford (birth place of the Great One) and trying to set up a production company and movie studio with the local Jukasa Media Group on the Six Nations Indian Reserve.

Lewis looks like he hopped on the Kings (and Mike Richards) bandwagon during their run to the Cup.If we're to believe TSN's James Duthie, the actor even traveled to New Jersey for Game 5 of the Final.

Now that he dropped in for Nolan's day with the Cup, the bar has been raised for Drew Doughty's and Jeff Carter's celebrations, which are scheduled for this weekend.

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