Embarrassing KHL center ice goal, courtesy of Amur’s Perttu Lindgren (VIDEO)

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Look, we'd love to give KHL goalies credit for playing in one of the top leagues in the world, but they just don't know how to help themselves. Whether it's something like this, this, this, or this, the league might now feature a handful of the world's top players while they're on break from the NHL, but the goaltending is a little ... meh.

Adding to the legend of KHL goaltending today is Tomas Popperle of Lev Praha. A fifth round pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2005, Popperle and his teammates were just over a minute away from securing a win when disaster struck:

Even the guy waving the flag wasn't that impressed with the goaltending. He's like, "This pleases me, but for a goal like that, I cannot bring myself to wave any harder."

That was Perttu Lindgren of Amur with the neutral zone face-off victory, dump-in and goal. Despite falling prey to bad ice late in the game, Lev would hang on for a 3-2 win.

Maybe next time Lev will position Zdeno Chara centrally in the defensive zone to swat any attempted dump-ins like King Kong batting away helicopters on top of the skycraper.

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