Embarrassing empty net goal fail by Sweden’s Johan Ryno (Video)

Oh, Johan Ryno had it all in front of him.

His Swedish Hockey League team, Leksand, was up 3-2 with under a minute left against Brynas. An empty net waited for him down the ice, ready for Ryno to dump the puck in for the game-clinching goal.

And then his skates stopped working.

Ryno fell to the ice on all fours as he entered the offensive zone, the puck sliding away from him. Savvy veteran that he is, Ryno was able to get to his skates and corral the disc just a few strides away from the net …

… only to have it slip off his stick and glide in reverse, away from the goal.

As a Brynas player tried to take the puck back, Ryno attempted to stop him.

And, of course, fell down again.

As you can hear from the announcers' cackling, this was all very embarrassing.

The good news is that his team still ended up winning the game, sparing Ryno a lifetime of Patrik Stefan comparisons, who infamously whiffed on an empty netter with the Dallas Stars and allowed Edmonton to tie the game back in 2007.

That said, Ryno will probably still have a lifetime of YouTube celebrity with this humbling moment.

How does Ryno feel about going viral? “It's not so unexpected in today's society,” he told SportExpressen. “But I will be able to laugh about this later.”

So say we all.