Elderly Flyers fan throws leopard-print bra on ice for hat trick (Video)


Brayden Schenn tallied a hat trick on Monday night for the Philadelphia Flyers. As it tradition, many fans littered the ice with their hats.

And, of course, grandma’s leopard-print bra.

Via Breakfast on Broad, here’s footage of an elderly woman waving her bra on the air and, after a little help from other fans, tossing it onto the ice in celebration.

Now, hockey has a long tradition of bras being thrown over the glass after hat tricks. There was the “extra support” that hit the ice after a Taylor Hall hat trick. The Bakersfield Condors did the “teddy bear toss” thing, but with underwear, last year.

But we’ve never seen one of our “veteran” hockey fans so inspired by the exploits of an NHL player that she ripped off her bra and threw it onto the ice. That’s dedication right there.

From the guy who helped her:

Typically, players get all the things thrown on the ice in a giant bag. Wonder if Schenn kept this undergarment tribute to show his grandma how it's done.

s/t Crossing Broad


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