Eddie Lack's new mask features Swedish Chef, smiling Roberto Luongo (Photos)

Photo via Daveart.com
Photo via Daveart.com

Carolina Hurricanes Eddie Lack is known for having one of the more outlandish personalities in the NHL.

So of course we would expect a goaltending mask that would look a little … different in the funniest way possible.

Check out Lack’s headwear above which includes a shot of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

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Here’s the back, which includes a smiling cartoonish version of Lack's former Vancouver Canucks teammate Roberto Luongo.

Photo via Daveart.com
Photo via Daveart.com

The mask was designed with David Gunnarsson of DaveArt 

Said InGoal Magazine:

“Eddie likes food, and especially tacos!” Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. “So the Swedish Chef has always showed up on the back of his masks. This time the Swedish Chef shows up on the mask itself! Ready to fix some tacos for Eddie! … And on the backplate of the mask’ another buddy of Eddie’s shows up”

Ah yes, Lack and tacos. He does love him some tacos, enough to paint some body art onto his forearm.

Lack was a fan-favorite with the Canucks. There was even a petition against trading the guy – not only for his quirky personality but also because he’s a pretty solid goaltender.

No doubt Carolina Hurricanes fans will enjoy his eccentric nature, provided he plays up to snuff of course.

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