EA Sports NHL 14: Feast your eyes on the 1st official trailer (Video)

People really seem to like EA's NHL games, so this September, they're putting out another one. For the past little while, the developers have been releasing teasers demonstrating some of the game's new features, such as the enforcer and collision engines.

But it all came together in the game's first official trailer, which debuted at E3 on Tuesday and hit Youtube shortly thereafter.

The toedrag around the NHL14 logo that opens this trailer is awesome, so kudos, video game David Perron, on your excellent puck control.

The first half of the trailer is used to showcase some of the prettiest aspects of the game, like the one-touch dekes you'll be able to do. That Pavel Datsyuk hesitation move he uses on breakaways and shootouts? You can do that. It will also allow you to go inside-outside on Mike Green with relative ease, apparently, which is very realistic.

We get our first glimpse of the new skating engine, which makes Erik Karlsson, Jake Gardiner look like the fluid and mobile blueliners they are.

Also, I had a hard time differentiating between video game Patrick Kane and real-life Patrick Kane, but that's normal.

The second half is when the nastiness kicks in, and if you like punishing guys, you'll be able to do it even more realistically than ever.

(Two quibbles: Erik Karlsson appears in this section as well for some reason, and really, until every second hit is reviewed for legality by the Department of Player Safety, it's still not entirely realistic, is it?)

Finally, you get the enforcer engine, which allows you to fight more realistically, although the trailer ends with John Scott getting one-punched.

Is that realistic, John Scott?