EA Sports NHL 13 cover campaigns: Claude Giroux intensity vs. most interesting Pekka Rinne

The battle for the next EA Sports NHL video game cover has reached its glorious final stages.

There's a banner image that greets visitors to the Philadelphia Flyers' website, as the team urges fans to cast their votes for CLAUDE GIROUX as NHL 13 cover athlete against the significantly smaller font'd Pekka Rinne (Nashville).

The voting continues through June 4, which gives fans plenty of time to rig the balloting ample time to support their favorite player.

In an attempt to capture that support, both the Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators have campaign videos up for their respective players. Here's Giroux's, which is super intense and special effecty and apparently created to give Penguins fans nightmares:

Meanwhile, Nashville knows its candidate is facing an uphill battle, both as a small market player and as a goalie trying to get on a video game cover. So they're attempting to thwart Giroux with whimsy. Beer commercial whimsy.

The entire cover tournament has produced some fun videos, whether it's the Vote for Pekka campaign in Nashville or Scott Hartnell's cat-centric video to support himself and Giroux.

Who will get the cover? Giroux, obviously, because Rinne is a goaltender. Which is why Rinne should get the cover, because it would strike a blow for all the netminders that are overlooked in League marketing because they keep pucks out rather than put them in.