Dustin Brown bloodied as Henrik, Daniel Sedin battle back in Canucks vs. Kings Game 4 (VIDEO)

Daniel Sedin returned to the Vancouver Canucks' lineup on Wednesday night, having been out since March 21 with a concussion. As expected, the Los Angeles Kings went after him with rough stuff in Game 4, and continued to target his brother Henrik Sedin as well.

As the video shows, both twins had about enough of Dustin Brown being their tormenter.

(Ed. Note: Just in case it wasn't clear, neither Sedin bloodied Brown, who was cut by a puck. Apologies if the headline was misleading.)

The announcers made noise about Henrik Sedin throwing an elbow to Brown's head during that sequence. It didn't look that nasty on the second replay — perhaps because Henrik followed it with that odd swipe with this glove. But in this climate, who knows how it'll be received ...

UPDATE: Dustin Brown said after the game, to LA Kings Insider:

"I didn't know who it was. I had a puck in my face, so my eyes were watering. I didn't really know if it was my player, their player. I didn't really know. Whatever hit me, hit me in the head. … I haven't seen it. I had just got hit in the face with a puck, so I didn't really know if it was my guy, their guy, a stick. I really didn't know.''

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