Dropping your handgun in a beer league game is not advisable (Video)

Here’s a beer league hockey player that has it all together: Skates, gloves, Go-Pro camera on his helmet to record the action, his handgun stuffed in his uniform.

Wait … what?

That awkward moment when you drop your gun on the ice at a rec league game … but don’t worry folks, it wasn’t loaded!

Obviously the only debate here is whether this video is a hoax or a prank.

We’re leaning “prank” because of the vibe we get from the other players and the fact that this was done during warmups, which is a pretty good time to pull off the ‘ole “dropped my handgun on the ice and got admonished for it” move. Also, Go-Pro camera. Obviously there for a reason.

But seriously, goof or not, leave your guns at home if you’re playing beer league hockey, all you kids out there (tm, Eddie Olczyk).

Unless of course you’re playing in Texas, where we assume everyone’s strapped. Not a lot of fighting in those leagues. No sir …