Drinking Sidney Crosby’s Tears: Philadelphia brewery creates ‘whine-like’ beer for Penguins star

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Sidney Crosby wasn't exactly revered by the Philadelphia faithful during the Flyers' first-round victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The fans chanted his name in a derogatory manner. The local newspaper called him the Cowardly Lion. Even the Flyers' playoff T-shirts trolled him.

Even after the Flyers eliminated him, the ridicule hasn't stopped. You can literally drink in Philly's scorn for Crosby at Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant in Philly:

Via The 700 Level, that tasty brew is called "Crosby's Tears," brewed in an "orange hue" in honor of the Flyers. It has an 8.7 percent ABV in honor of Crosby's sweater number (we assume) and to the delight of anyone that likes their strong ale strong.

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(We'd make a "a beer that goes down easy" joke here, but Sid's sworn off diving; and, frankly, the existence of Scott Hartnell prevents us from making light of any Flyers' opponent who can't stay on his skates.)

"Crosby's Tears" joins Classic Winter LAGR as Flyers-inspired beers in the 2011-12 NHL season. The world patiently waits for the first batch of "Sean CouturiALE" …

s/t The 700 Level

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