Drew Miller takes skate to face in horrifying scene (Photo)

Photo via @redwingsmemes
Photo via @redwingsmemes

Detroit forward Drew Miller, who wears a visor, took a skate from Ottawa’s Mark Stone. The play looked completely accidental as Stone was falling down when it happened. The photo of Miller (s/t @redwingsmemes) is above. Wow, that was incredibly close.

Anyway, here is the video:

From coach Mike Babcock after the game

Here is an update on Miller from our own Nick Cotsonika after the play:

Some reports from more on the scene sounded horrible. According to Khan, Miller rushed into the dressing room immediately. According to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press, the skate “caught Miller Badly.”

From MLive:

Miller suffered two deep lacerations around his right team but no eye damage, the team said.

Skate injuries are awful, but thankfully it seems as if Miller will be OK. Yet another one of those 'could have been worse' type plays. Amazing at how close that was per the picture.

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