Drew Doughty to be cleared in Los Angeles sexual assault investigation: TMZ

Greg Wyshynski

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty was being investigated by county prosecutors after an unidentified woman claimed he sexually assaulted her back in March, according to the LA Times.

The alleged victim has retained attorney Gloria Allred to represent her.

From the Times:

Sgt. Robert Higgins said the 25-year-old woman told police she met Doughty at a bar near the Hermosa Beach Pier on March 1. The two went to Doughty's home, where she turned down a proposition in front of several teammates.

They took a cab to her home, where she accused Doughty of raping her. The woman reported the incident to police the same day. Higgins said detectives asked her to call the hockey player while they listened, but she refused. He said the woman has been "less than cooperative" and that the district attorney's office and police have "found credibility problems."

Doughty's attorney Craig Renetzky told the paper he expected the case will be rejected. According to TMZ, "the D.A. will be rejecting the case" and no charges will be brought against Doughty:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the woman in question filed a police report following the March 1st encounter -- claiming she bumped into Doughty at a bar in Hermosa Beach early that morning, and he asked her to come back to his place.

We're told ... the alleged victim told police she loudly rejected Doughty in front of his teammates -- calling him an "a**hole" -- and his teammates laughed. Sources say the girl told police Doughty was embarrassed following the diss -- then wrangled her into a cab, took her home, and raped her. The girl said she took a cab back to her place after the sex and later went to the hospital -- where police interviewed her and collected rape evidence.

Like the Times, TMZ reports "credibility problems" with the alleged victim. The LA district attorney's office should formally decide by Friday whether or not to pursue charges.