Dougie Hamilton fled Bruins after they didn’t acquire brother: Report

Dougie Hamilton fled Bruins after they didn’t acquire brother: Report

In the ongoing saga of Dougie Hamilton’s departure from the Boston Bruins, we have yet another rumor bouncing around.

First, it was that he was a loner, Dougie, a rebel. Now, it’s because the Bruins didn’t give him a sibling to play with.

Damien Cox reported over the weekend that one factor in Hamilton’s impasse with the Bruins, that necessitated his eventual trade to the Calgary Flames, was that the Bruins refused to do him a solid and sign his brother, Freddie. At least that’s the “rumor that won’t die”:

The speculation is that among the issues Hamilton had with the Bruins was the fact he wanted them to acquire the rights to his brother, Freddie, and Boston either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Dougie landed in Calgary at the draft, and this month the Flames acquired Freddie in a trade. GM Brad Treliving, when asked about the rumour, said the Flames actually tried to make a deal for Freddie at the March trade deadline, and said he’d never heard the rumour before.

Peter Chiarelli, who was GM of the Bruins before being fired in May, preferred not to comment.

(What kind of odds do you put on Chiarelli as the source?)

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Freddie Hamilton, a 23-year-old center, played 17 games in the NHL last season with the Colorado Avalanche and is now with the AHL Stockton Heat. He was acquired for a seventh-round pick.

Said Dougie Hamilton, at the time of the trade:

“I think, as a kid, I always pictured myself playing on the same team as him and making the NHL together and playing together,” Dougie added. “Obviously, we’ve both played in the NHL now and we kind of have that one thing left — to play together. Obviously, this gives us a pretty good opportunity to do that.”

#SquadGoals …

Even if this scenario has a whiff of truth – Hamilton signs a six-year deal with a team that just-so-happens to trade for his brother some months later – one assumes it played a small role in whatever schism occurred between the Bruins and Dougie Hamilton.

Because the idea that a warped sense of nepotism somehow hastened his departure is just bonkers.