Don Cherry stung by bees; NBA commissioner on lockout; charities struggling (Puck Headlines)

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• Does the lockout have you feeling deprived of Don Cherry's rambling, completely out of nowhere stories? HERE YOU GO. In future, Don, rather than attempting to break the nest's resolve with a survey of public opinion, just hit it with something.

• NBA commissioner David Stern weighs in on the NHL lockout, saying that what the owners are proposing is fair: "They have no choice but to stand and protect such business model as will be left when the negotiations finish." [ESPN]

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• This is just a really great survey of the despair of hockey diehards during this lockout. Featuring quotes from Wysh and me! [The Atlantic]

• Good stuff from David Shoalts on how charities are suffering during the lockout. [The Globe & Mail]

• What's holding the negotiations up now? Trust issues. "Both sides are reluctant to put their best offer on the table because of the history of negotiations." [National Post]

• Jonathan Willis on the idea that NHL players should be happy with whatever they get, which -- spoiler -- he disagrees with. [Oilers Nation]

• Cam Fowler is off to Sweden, where he'll join Södertälje. [Pierre Lebrun]

• It seems like every day there's a story about how much money the Coyotes are costing Glendale, so why should a lockout change that? This one's about local restaurants like McFadden's, which is losing between $18,000 and $25,000 per unplayed game. [Cronkite News]

• The Boston Bruins were named by a girl. Neat history piece here. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• Because J.P. Nikota is apparently the hockey blogosphere's Sheldon Cooper, here he is ranting about NHL 13's physics. [Leafs Nation]

• A racial slur was used during an Alberta Midget AAA Hockey League. The league refuses to investigate. The coach of the offending player's team invokes the "no snitching" policy: "It's none of the press' business. I'm not going to talk about what goes on in our hockey team. People in hockey don't talk; they don't make a lot of noise." [St. Albert Gazette]

• Track the NHLers in Europe with this super-cool interactive map. [Anaheim Calling]

• The worst Rangers of the past 5 years. [Blueshirt Banter]

• The lockout may be just what Nino Niederreiter needed. [Lighthouse Hockey]

• John Van Der Woude counts down the Calgary Flames' jersey history, from worst to first. [Flames Nation]

• The combined age of the Paisley Piranhas, a team comprised solely of pensioners: over 1000. [Daily Mail]

• The story isn't that Nail Yakupov took a big hit. It's that, literally like magic, he got up afterward. He even kept playing and took a shot. How did he do this? HOW?! [Edmonton Journal]

• Detroit Red Wings 2010 first round pick Riley Sheahan was arrested for being "superdrunk", which is so drunk you have laser vision. [St. Catherines Standard]

• Speaking of Red Wings in trouble with the law, former Red Wing Kevin Miller is being sued by a Swiss insurance company for $1.6 million over a Swiss League hit that ended another player's career. [MLive]

• Here's a guy that looks like John Leguizamo ranting on the Pennsylvania high school hockey league's decision to forgo the national anthem before games, which has since been reversed. Best line: "Why don't we just play China's national anthem, because that's where this is going."

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