Don Cherry says Nail Yakupov ‘acted like an idiot’ during goal celebration: ‘You don’t do stuff like that’

Puck Daddy

The sun rises in the East. The price of stamps will grow forever higher. The Puppy Bowl will always be won by a dog.

These are called “givens.” Please add to that list Don Cherry bemoaning the behavior of a European player during an exuberant goal celebration. Here’s the venerable Hockey Night In Canada commentator on Saturday, on Nail Yakupov’s slide down the rink for the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday night:

Cherry said Yakupov acted “like an idiot” in celebrating his game-tying goal against the Los Angeles Kings. But more to the point, he said Yakupov is going to pay for his hubris the next time the teams play:

“LA is going to remember this. They are going to remember this to the dying day. That you don’t do stuff like that.”

(Nice story by Cherry on Mark Messier’s reaction to the Theo Fleury celebration, by the way.)

And as always, a life lesson:

“Don’t act like that, kids. You’ll get in trouble every time."

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