Don Cherry puts the Sochi Olympic mascots on his head (Photos)

Puck Daddy

SOCHI, Russia -- As you know, the official mascots for the 2014 Sochi Olympics are a polar bear, a hare and a snow leopard. True to form here in Sochi, they never finished naming them, so they're literally named Polar Bear, Hare and Snow Leopard.

Anyhoo, among the most popular items at the Olympics are hats based on the mascots. And Don Cherry loves him a mascot hat. So we've had Grapes As Polar Bear:

Followed by Grapes As Hare:

Followed by Don Cherry As Snow Leopard:

So ... which "wearing the plushie approximation of a dead animal on his head?" Don Cherry is your favorite? Bear? Rabbit? Snow cat?


The answer is always going to be Killer Whale:

s/t 25 Stanley

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