Don Cherry’s future; Toews update; NFL bounty scandal’s effect on NHL? (Puck Headlines)

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Via Kukla, here are the top hockey bloopers for the 2011-12 season. This is not the Leafs' season highlight reel. Just to clarify.

• Sidney Crosby on Evgeni Malkin being called a whiner: "I don't know what he's talking about. I mean, if you want you can put a camera on us all game, put a camera on (Ryan Callahan) all game. You'll see who's over there more. He should worry about his own players." [Penguins]

• What will the Buffalo Sabres do next? [Sabres Edge]

• Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is still feeling concussion-related symptoms and will miss the team's season ender vs. Red Wings. "There's nothing that ever seems to show up. It's all those things that I do on the ice that seem to cause that feeling to come back. It calms down pretty good after practice. The good news is that it seems the harder I push myself at practice the more progress I make, so I'll keep doing that." [Sun Times]

• Chris Neil will miss the Ottawa Senators season finale after a "freak" injury … in a shootout drill. [Sens]

• Steven Stamkos on shooting for No. 60 in Winnipeg on Saturday: "I get asked about it every day, so it's tough not to (think about it). It's something that you never know if you're going to get that close again in your career, so you might as well try to at least go for it. It's not something I'm pressing. I was thinking more about getting to 50 when I was around 47, 48 goals, to be honest. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen." [CP]

• The New Jersey Devils strike back at trash-talking Newark major by denying him Bruce tickets. []

• From today's podcast: Here's Jeff Barak's awesome Third String Goalie history blog. [Third String Goalie]

• Today's must-read post comes from Dirk Hoag, who wonders if the NFL bounty scandal and Gregg Williams' orders to injure opponents justify the NHL's clandestine injury disclosure policy: "The bottom line here is that if such an episode happened in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, then it could just as well occur in the NHL. With competitive pressure ratcheting up ever higher, and millions of dollars hanging in the balance during the playoffs, it is almost inevitable that a few individuals will push the envelope and do whatever it takes to win." [Hockey Gear HQ]

• Could Don Cherry become a victim of CBC budget cuts? Or will he just be reduced to wearing hand-me-downs and potato sacks on the air? [CBC Sports]

• Barstool on the Bruins: "Tyler Seguin leads the Bs with 27-38—65 totals in just his second year as a pro. If he plays tomorrow, he'll have missed only one game all year—the infamous somnambulant Manitoba adventure. He and his riding partner Brad Marchand, who also has 27 goals, no doubt have a friendly competition about who will lead the team in goals. But don't count out Lucic, who could pass them with a two-goal game." [Barstool]

• On Braden Holtby and history being on his side. [Capitals Talk]

• Todd McLellan of the San Jose Sharks on making the playoffs and beating the Los Angeles Kings: "For the fourth night in a row, I'm going to say the same thing. We're not going to get too high and we don't get too low. We'll rest tomorrow and then we know we've got another big game to play. I'm glad that game will really mean something because it will set us up and, I'm sure, L.A. up for a good playoff run." [LA Kings Insider]

• Eric Duhatschek's NHL awards include Claude Giroux for the Lady Byng. [Globe & Mail]

• Some advice for Leafs fans: "Ontario hockey fans need to start looking at the other NHL option in their province. They need to realize that nothing is going to change if they just sit back and allow themselves to be abused in this fashion by the powers that be at MLSE. They're disrespected by their own organization. They've been going down with the ship long enough and it's time to grab a hold of a life raft. After this, I can't even sympathize anymore. I jumped ship to Ottawa when Darcy Tucker rolled into town a dozen years ago, and I haven't looked back since." [The Hockey Dekely]

• RIP, Chicago Express. [ECHL]

• Adrian Dater thinks the time for excuses is over for the Colorado Avalanche: "Let's face it: tonight was a head-scratchingly awful way to bow out of the playoff race. It would have been easy to admire this "young, low-paid" team if they'd gone out fighting with home wins in the last two games, and forced other teams to win to knock them out. But the reality is they got blown out by COLUMBUS in a game on home ice that technically still meant something. It's failure, any way you look at it, any way anybody being paid by the Burgundy and Blue wants to spin it." [All Things Avs]

• Tapeleg takes issue with Dater speaking for Colorado Avalanche fans. [Jerseys and Hockey Love]

• Finally, here are the TSN hockey guys doing the "If You Can Play" campaign a solid.