Don Cherry and Brian Burke are feuding; please let this end in a barn

Considering Brian Burke's tendency to butt heads with members of the local media (not to mention everyone -- dude has beef with more people than a Calgarian), you had to know that, eventually, he was going to have a fallout with Don Cherry, a similarly disagreeable curmudgeon.

Disagreeable curmudgeons are like soulmates -- they tend to find one another. And, like most soulmates, eventually the relationship devolves into curmudgeonly disagreements.

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So what's this disagreement about? According to a Toronto Sun report, Burke was upset about Cherry's recent criticism that Toronto Maple Leafs' coach Ron Wilson didn't applaud the troops at a recent pre-game ceremony appreciating the Armed Forces, and "raised the issue quietly and professionally," which is another way of saying sneakily. Unfortunately, someone leaked it.

It should go without saying that Cherry isn't a fan of sneakiness, primarily because the loudness of his voice and wardrobe makes sneaking an impossibility for him. So he did what he normally does, which is say loud, brash things in response. First, the Leafs are crummy:

"It is quite obvious what Brian is doing," said Grapes. "He is trying to deflect from his team's performance missing the playoffs three years running at my expense and to be a hero to his players at my expense."

Second, bring it, sucka:


Controversial hockey legend Cherry said he will not be muzzled, adding "if it's true" Burke went to CBC management, then "he's got to get in line to get me."

Third, Ron Wilson is crummy too:

But Tuesday, Cherry said: "I have to admit I lost twice to Montreal in the finals and lost again to Montreal in the semifinals seventh game in overtime but maybe Ron is right because since he has been with the Leafs he hasn't lost a playoff game."

Okay, that last one's hilarious.

Joe Warmington speculated that, perhaps, this is about Bell and Rogers wanting those Saturday night Leaf games on their own network instead of on the CBC. But that seems like a stretch. To me, this appears to be little more than two dudes being true to their respective natures.


It's all pretty silly, really. According to Cherry, it's also sad, because they used to be buds:

"But Brian Burke doesn't like me. That's the sad thing. We used to be the best of friends. I used to get St. Patrick's Day cards from him ... no more."

People send each other St. Patrick's Day cards? Huh.

Anyway. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope this ends in a rumble, either in a barn or a jungle. Or on a rap album.

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