Don Cherry and his amazing jacket do the Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge has been one of the most inspiring stories of the summer, despite what its detractors might protest. It’s raised millions for ALS research, brought a disparate collection of individuals together and, let’s face it, given a chance for creative people to elevate the gimmick into something epic. (Like the Foo Fighters, for example.)

That said, once you get BizNasty dropping glacier water from a helicopter, there aren’t mean Ice Bucket Challenge competitors left that would make you stop and watch yet another individual dump water on their own head.

But Don Cherry … yes, Don Cherry is something we’ll stop and watch have water dumped on his head – and his well-tailored jacket:

Well, someone had to water the flowers.

Our favorite part of the video is when Cherry spends 30 seconds putting over Lou Gehrig after, by happenstance, having watched “Pride Of The Yankees” recently. Although he doesn’t give him the ultimate compliment, which of course would be referring to him as an honourary Ontarian.