Does Marty Brodeur’s goal count for fantasy hockey?

Martin Brodeur scored a goal on Thursday night for the New Jersey Devils, the third of his career and his first on the power play. That puts him 33 goals behind Ken Daneyko for career goals, but only two power-play goals behind him.

This was a quirky, awesome hockey moment for everyone but the Carolina Hurricanes, but many fans were left wondering:

Does Marty Brodeur’s goal count in fantasy hockey?

We went to our guy Scott Pianowski over at Roto Arcade for the answer:

“In Yahoo!, no, sadly. I wish goalie assists did, too.

“I'm in a head-to-head league, hand scored, where goalie points count. It was a PPG, too. That's two bonus points to make someone happy.”

So no goals and no assists from goalies count in Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey, much to our chagrin. It’s those unexpected stats that can sometimes push a team ahead in a close head-to-head battle.

Alas, no goal for your fantasy team, Marty Brodeur owners. And no power-play goal. Hey, just be happy he didn’t up with the game-winner too.