What disgusting thing did this Boston Bruins fan find in his TD Garden food?

Barstool Sports noticed this scene during the Boston Bruins’ 2-1 shootout win over the Winnipeg Jets this afternoon, as a young Bruins fans (who may or may not be the star of Danny Boyle’s “Millions”) finds … well, something in his food.

He picks at his TD Garden concessionary purchase, marvels at what he found, ponders to his seatmate “what is this?”, drops the unexpected item on the ground and then attempts to consume the rest of the original item with a look of abject disdain on his face.

Alas, when the Bruins said fans were going to receive free food, they didn’t mention the quality of food.

“Say, where did Ryan Spooner end up this season?”Daaaaaaah, whaddya think’s in the burgers …

So we put it to you, dear readers: What did this young Boston Bruins fan find in his food? Please list your answers in the comments section. The following choices have already been considered:

• A tiny scroll that turns out to be a secret message from Tim Thomas to rise up against our government oppressors.

• One of Alex Burrows’ teeth, finally removed from Patrice Bergeron.

• The chicken nugget was a Horcrux, and he found a piece of Jeremy Jacobs’ soul.

• Brad Marchand.

s/t Deadspin for the YT clip