Did Sidney Crosby dress as beloved Philly icon for Halloween? (Photo)

Emalkin71geno on Instagram
Emalkin71geno on Instagram

Halloween is nearly upon us, which means it’s time for a typhoon of photos depicting NHL players in costume to hit social media. And perhaps some of them won’t be abjectly racist!

The Pittsburgh Penguins revealed their spook-tacular getups via Evgeni Malkin’s Instagram this weekend. Malkin was a vampire, again, refusing to accept that God made gave him that Frankenstein head for a reason.

Sidney Crosby, who we all know is actually a vampire, appears to have dressed up as a troll.

Oh, wait, check that: He appears to have dressed up as Rocky Balboa, which would be totally trolling all of Philadelphia if that’s his costume. In which case Sid has rendered all orange posterboard signs at Wells Fargo Center that question his manhood immaterial – he’s won the Great Keystone War of the Trolls.

Kris Letang is the Mad Hatter from that Tim Burton film you never saw. Chris Kuntiz is over on the wing, dressed in the Penguins’ new third jersey. It needs work. Or more gold chains.

Malkin also posted this image on Instagram:

Any guesses?

Congrats to @WonderMegz on Twitter for getting the chance to do the Penguins’ makeup for their Halloween ball:

Still wondering if either Niskanen or Orpik showed up dressed as a bag of money…

UPDATE: Crosby sought to explain his costume choice (at the 2-minute mark):

"I was Maverick last year from 'Top Gun'. I like the movie too. Maybe [Flyers fans] will soften up on me."